Why the movies is the perfect choice for a kids birthday party

As busy parents, hosting a party may take some organising. For all those kids wanting to celebrate and mark their special day with a party, we think having it your neighborhood movie cinema is the perfect venue choice.
You can host your party any day and time of the week. Endeavoring to schedule a party over everyone’s commitments can be tricky – music lessons, after-school tutoring, swimming class, weekend sport etc. Getting a celebration at the films can be in the morning, after school, on the weekend night or any time over the weekend!

Approximately you plan your kids party and not matter how organised you maybe; you can find a very important factor you can’t arrange or control, and that is the weather! By having your child’s birthday at the cinemas, you don’t have to worry about the elements or having to cancel due to bad weather. Forget about the rain, wind or the summer heat and relax in air conditioned comfort for two hours.

Another great point when organising a birthday party is you can conveniently plan your movie choice up to 6 weeks beforehand with a number of G or PG movies being released weeks beforehand. Furthermore, you don’t have to worry about passing up on tickets or sitting together as you can book (in person or online) well beforehand your preferred seats and session.

If none of the above has got you in the line yet, how about; you don’t have to worry about preparing party food, cleaning the home or cleaning up afterwards! Are you currently sold on the theory? Consider taking the kids for burgers or pizza prior to the movie to save on snacks through the movie – an enjoyable experience for any parents that might be attending to chat over a good coffee and a slice of pizza. Within 2 hours the party has ended without fuss and every one has had a great time.

Finally, the wonder of hosting a kids party at your neighborhood cinema is you additionally have the option to upgrade and book a party package with your neighborhood cinema. This package usually starts with packages that are the movie ticket, a snack and drink. If you’d prefer to go all out then there are Gold Class Options for kids too.

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