Angelus Suede Dye and Dressing

Proper prep is key! For your dye in order to adhere correctly, you want to prepare the leather-based. The bottles of dye we used to be using recommended their model of “de-glazer” to eliminate the present leather complete and prepare it for typically the dye.

Think about typically the hardware. If the pieces you’re dyeing have steel hardware or zippers, take into account whether they’ll look very good along with your new color. Zipper tape (the cloth component of the zipper) may take dye, but plastic or metal teeth would not. My boots have a new brown zipper, and their teeth are still dark brown. It doesn’t bother myself because it’s barely visible, but it’s something to be able to keep in mind.
The little goes quite a distance about leather, but consider your shade. I did two light coats of dye to obtain a nice deep black plus barely made a drop in my bottle associated with angelus suede dye. But we used to be beginning with a pretty darker color. If you’re attempting to go from extreme to another (white to be able to black, etc. ), youre most likely going to need several light coats.
Suede soaks up coloring. In contrast to the leather dye, we had barely enough suede coloring to finish my footwear. we did two coats, in addition to a couple regarding areas that are slightly uneven. I’ll probably acquire another bottle and offer the suede another coat. The suede is likewise more stiff than it was originally, and typically the interior of the footwear is still brown. Im fine with both of such things, but you might want to keep them in thoughts.
Test your color. In case you have a specific shade within mind, be sure to test a bit in an inconspicuous spot. It may well not function as the color you were hoping regarding. My housemate wanted to dye a beige coat navy, but what she thought was navy dye revealed up as a extremely bright blue on the light leather. She’s going to try mixing that with black to attain the shade she would like, but it was a new good thing she examined before spreading all of it over.
Finish your leather in order to protect it. You eliminated the finish in buy to add the color, and now you need to re-finish the natural leather to protect it from the elements. I used Frye Natural leather Conditioning Cream, which is usually actually great stuff to be able to have available to protect any of your natural leather shoes or boots. There’s also a spray variation. For the suede, I actually plan to use a new spray suede protector, just like this one.

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